FAQs & Policies

♥ Do you offer gluten free/sugar free/ dairy free/allergy free cakes?
Gluten free – Unfortunately I do not offer gluten free. However, I can offer a gluten sensitive cake with almond flour instead of wheat flour. I cannot guarantee gluten free since there are gluten products offered in the facility. If gluten is an allergy, I recommend you order elsewhere since there is too much of a risk of cross contamination.  If your preference is gluten free, I would be happy to help!
Sugar free – Yes! Sugar can be replaced with a sugar substitute if needed, however, it may
alter the texture and taste of the product.

Dairy free – Yes! Milk products in the cake itself are substituted with almond milk or coconut milk. Vegan butter is substituted for dairy butter for a delicious tasting ‘buttercream’.
Allergy Free – All of our products are produced in an environment where the following are present, and may come in contact with your product: nuts, soy, wheat, dairy, and products containing gluten.

*Please note that I do not operate an allergy free kitchen. Cake ingredients or machinery may contain or come into contact with WHEAT, EGGS, PEANUTS, TREE NUTS, SOY, and MILK. If you have any further concerns, please feel free to contact me.*

♥ Do you offer tastings? What is included in a tasting?
Yes! Tastings are $25.00 (plus taxes). You can choose up to five cake/frosting flavor combinations, e.g. vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream, The Elvis, lemon cake with lemon buttercream, etc. Each tasting comes with two of each flavor for a total of 10 cupcakes. Tastings can go along with a free consult or you can take your tasting to go and have your free consult at a later time.

♥ Do you offer delivery? If so, is there a charge?
Yes, delivery is always an option as well as set up for cakes, cupcakes, dessert bars, etc. Delivery within a 15-20 minute drive from our location is free. Deliveries more than a 15-20 minute drive may incur a charge, minimum fees may apply. There will be a delivery/set up charge on large orders such as weddings and large events.

♥ Do you have a storefront?
No, I operate under Missouri’s cottage law (https://www.senate.mo.gov/14info/pdf-bill/tat/SB525.pdf). I own and operate a licensed cottage bakery out of my home. I am serve-safe certified and I take the same precautions as someone would if they were baking in a commercial space.

♥ How do I place an order?
Most orders can easily be placed over the phone/text (816-379-6357). Orders can also be placed by visiting our Facebook page here or Instagram page here and requesting a quote.

♥ Do you require a deposit?
A 50% nonrefundable deposit is required for all orders. The remaining balance is due upon delivery/pickup for birthday, celebrations, and other small events. For large events such as weddings or corporate events, the remaining balance is due 2 weeks before the event date. A deposit may only be transferred one time in case of a date change or cancellation. 

♥ Can I make a change to my order?
Changes should be made at least two weeks out from the event date. Changes made less than two weeks out may result in a price change.

♥ How much do you charge?
Wedding Cakes – Cakes are approx 5″ tall with 3 layers of cake and 2 layers of filling, unless designated otherwise.
Buttercream cakes start at $4.00 per serving covered in our signature homemade buttercream.

All cakes are made to order and from scratch, they are priced individually. Base pricing is for a simple design, additional charges may apply depending on design. Please contact me for a quote today!

Party Cakes
– Cakes are approx 5″ tall with 3 layers of cake and 2 layers of filling, unless designated otherwise.
Base Prices: 6″ –  $50.00, 8″  – $60.00 (Larger sizes are available.)
Tiered cakes start at $125.00 and are priced individually.

All cakes are made to order and from scratch, they are priced individually. Base pricing is for a simple design, additional charges may apply depending on design. Please contact me for a quote today!

Cupcakes  – (minimum order may apply)
Classic mini cupcakes $12.00 a dozen
Signature mini cupcakes $15 a dozen
Classic standard size cupcakes $24 a dozen.
Signature standard size cupcakes $30 a dozen.

Yum Bars – (minimum order may apply)
Classic Yum Bars $3.00 each
Signature Yum Bars $3.50+ each.

Custom Dessert Bars– (minimum order may apply)
Dessert bars (cookies, pies, cakes, cupcakes, brownies, etc) are customized to your individual tastes – prices range start at $0.75 each.

♥ How do I cut my cake?

♥ What type of payments do you accept?
Payments accepted are cash, major debit/credit cards or PayPal. Checks may be accepted, but are not preferred. A $35.00 additional fee will be applied for all returned checks.

♥ Do you ship?
Unfortunately, I do not ship. 

♥ Pick up / delivery times
If you cannot make your designated agreed upon pick up time, please notify me as soon as possible. I am usually pretty lenient, but just as your time is valuable, so is mine. I most likely have other pickups or deliveries to attend to, especially on the weekends. Late pickups without a notification may be subject to a late pick up fee. Please try and be considerate.

♥ How do I store my cake/cupcakes?
Cakes and cupcakes without a fruit filling can be stored at room temperature for up to 3 days as long as they are kept in a container or the cake box it came in. If you have room in the refrigerator, I recommend that the cake/ cupcakes be placed in a box and then in the fridge. If there isn’t room for the box, I recommend placing the cake in the fridge for 15-30 minutes until the frosting has set, take it out and gently wrap in plastic wrap, and place back in the fridge. Toothpicks can always be inserted into the top of the cake and the plastic wrap can rest on those instead of the cake itself.  The plastic wrap/box will protect the cake from absorbing any fridge smells and to protect it from drying out. A few hours before serving unwrap/unbox it and set it on the counter to come to room temp before serving.

♥ What is your refund policy?
Once you or a designated party has picked up an order, it is considered “accepted” – I ask to make sure that everything is correct such as the design, spelling, etc. Refunds requested due to decorating style, writing, color shade, or general design will not be honored after accepting the cake. In some instances you may bring the cake back in for design adjustments but this is an additional charge and must be done the same day the cake was picked up.

Once the cake/yummies are out of my hands, I am not responsible for any damage that occurs during the transport, set up, or any time after. Cakes must be kept in a cool space (preferably below 70 degrees Fahrenheit or even in the fridge). Cakes should be taken out of the fridge 3-4 hours to allow to come up to room temp to serve. Keep in mind that cakes are very fragile and damages can happen if not handled properly – such as cracks, smudges, melted frosting, etc. We only give refunds in accordance with refund policies stated below.

Cake flavor and texture is subjective. Full refunds requested due to flavor or texture after the cake has been accepted and picked up will not be honored. You may qualify for a percentage of half of the amount paid if and only if the product is brought back and the quality of the cake flavor or texture is determined to not meet our standards. Cakes must be brought back to us within a timely manner, preferably with 24 hours of pick up – please call, text or message us promptly to let us know of the issue. Quality determination is solely at the discretion of Yummies by Yoka. Please understand that we cannot issue refunds for cakes that have already been completely eaten. No cake returned, no refund. If a refund is given, you cannot keep the cake. Please keep in mind that the first half of your payment is non refundable and only the remainder of the payment is eligible for a refund. 

An example of a time when refund would be provided:
If you come to pick up the cake or if upon delivery the cake does not meet your expectations, we will give you a refund (minus 50% deposit/handling/cancellation fee). This refund will be done with the same method as the initial payment and will be done within 48 hours of the pick up/delivery. If a refund is given, you CANNOT keep the cake. You can only get the refund if you refuse to “accept” the cake. I will NOT negotiate a partial refund if you keep the cake. This is a “take it, or leave it” policy. I am  not responsible for any expense you may incur for replacing our cake.

♥ Disclaimer
Every order is hand-made and made from scratch. Decorative finishes are done by hand and are subject to my artistic interpretation. You may provide me with a photograph for inspiration and duplication; however, I make no claims for exact duplication of the work done by other cake decorators.