From The Founder

To my sweet and savory enthusiasts,

From an early age, baking has always been delightfully captivating to me. The fact that you can mix flour, sugar, eggs, milk, and a few other ingredients and create something that is so mouthwatering, so tempting and so… yummy has always been extremely comforting. Some of my earliest memories come from staying up late, sitting on the kitchen counter, chatting the night away while my bonus mom baked late into the night. It wasn’t long before I jumped in to help and fell head over heels in love with being able to create scrumptious confections out of a few simple and fresh ingredients. The kitchen was always a mess in the end, but the delicious treats were always worth it!

As I’ve gotten older, my love for baking and creating delectable treats from scratch has only grown. The more I bake, the more I want to learn, and the more I want to share my baked goods with others. That is why I established my from scratch, licensed cottage bakery. There are still a lot of late nights and the conversations are generally one sided since everyone else in the house is fast asleep. At the end of the day the kitchen is still a mess, the treats are more scrumptious than they have ever been.

I would love to help you create memories of your own, without all of the mess. You plan the party, we’ll bring the yummies!

Amanda Yoka
Owner/ Cake Artist